One Tale, Many Twists

Target audience: Travel operators and professionals


FAM participants


Site inspections


Business appointments



The Story

Tour Experience Abu Dhabi!

As Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority’s representative in China, we were tasked with attracting more Chinese to visit the Emirates. We organized a familiarization trip to introduce 30 key travel operators to the sights, sounds, food and culture of Abu Dhabi.


The Goal

A FAM Like Never Before

To enable the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority to attract more Chinese visitors to the Emirates by introducing travel professionals to the destination and its offerings.


The Mechanics

All Encompassing

A familiarization trip (FAM trip) was organized for 30 key travel operators in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu to Abu Dhabi. The goal was to drive not just familiarization, but interest and excitement in the destination – and ultimately grow travel. Travel arrangements were made for participants to explore a wide range of hospitality, gourmet, entertainment, recreation and cultural sites. These highlights will enable visitors to understand the destination first hand, and provide them the knowledge to create exciting travel packages for future travelers.


  • 17 site inspections were made to hotels PLUS airline HQ (Etihad), Ferrari World, Souks, desert safaris, and the Grand Mosque
  • A visit was made to the travel trade marketplace – a table top trade show. Business appointments created opportunities for Chinese participants to interact with local travel experience providers in Abu Dhabi

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