The Perfect Stopover

Target Audience:

  • PMEBS (Professionals, Managers, Executives & Businessmen 
  • Transit Passengers 
  • Business Travelers 









The Story

More than Just a Layover Destination 

Strategically located between major Far Eastern, European and African capitals, Qatar serves as a perfect stopover. Its airline, Qatar Airways, was awarded World’s Best Airline by Skytrax in 2019 and is the only airline in the competition’s history to win the prestigious award 5 times (2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019). The airline’s hubHamad International Airport in Doha, receives close to 25 million passengers a year connecting over 150 destinations across 6 continents. 

Aptly named the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is a world-class hub with deep cultural roots. The country melds old and new world hospitality while offering cosmopolitan sophistication, presenting their visitors the opportunity to enjoy rich and authentic cultural tapestries, new experiences and a grand adventure.  

The Goal

Leveraging Transit Passengers 


To leverage the success of Qatar Airways and Doha’s award-winning international airport, we needed a campaign that would introduce Qatar as more than just a layover destination. 
Our goal was to increase the reach of our key campaign message, create new destination awareness, increase conversions and length of stay for arrivals in Qatar, particularly amongst transit passengers and business travellers. 

Corporate Information Travel (CIT) offers instant airline reservation and airline ticketing as well as corporate ticketing facilities with competitive airfares from more than 130 airlines worldwide.  

A partnership with CIT was key to promote Qatar as a stopover and mono-destination by leveraging on travellers flying Qatar Airways.

The Solution

Travel Trade Co-Op 

Through our partnership with CIT, we created 5 packages that we promoted across multiple channels. 

5 packages created: 

  1. 2D1N Doha Stopover 
  2. 3D2N Doha City Break 
  3. 3D2N Doha Experience 
  4. 4D3N Qatar Escape 
  5. 5D4N Qatar Experience 


  • Qatar Airways Stopover Program – Targeting travellers to Europe or USA on Qatar Airways to stopover for a 1-night stay in Qatar. CIT will support in creating attractive stopover programs. 
  • Multi-Channel FIT Consumer Program – CIT will have print advertisements, websites and social postings to provide more travel information via mass media to attract potential travellers to Qatar. It is to also increases the length of stay in Qatar as well as the awareness of the destination. 
  • Marketing Communications Platforms 
  1. Email Direct Mailer to feature specific deal offers to targeted email subscribers who are keen to explore Qatar 
  2. Web banner on CIT website featuring Qatar and special mono/stopover packages to their online audience from March to September 2018 
  3. Social Media campaign featuring 2 Facebook sponsored ads and competition 
  4. 2-month Google ad campaign 
  5. Internal campaign for CIT staff featuring Doha for a 1-week sales focus. The staff with the highest number of bookings to Doha would be rewarded. 

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